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Novaseek’s HIPAA-compliant CDNR platform is an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates into existing IT and clinical laboratory infrastructure to identify patients and remnant laboratory specimens that match requests from researchers. Novaseek provides tools to easily identify and distribute specimens for research use instead of discarding them; value is created from what historically has been wasted!

In healthcare organization already engaged in or interested in establishing the infrastructure for clinical research and access to federal and industry funding, Novaseek’s CDNR platform supports assembling and tracking patient cohorts for both internal research studies and external collaborations.

Even hospitals that have never participated in research can participate with no deviation from providing patient care. Hospitals, physician practices and laboratories can generate new revenue while contributing to the advancement of medical research.

Novaseek Research provides our healthcare partners:

  • CDNR platform with fast and simple implementation – be up and running in ~6 weeks!
  • HIPAA compliant technology
  • Novel revenue stream from specimens that are currently being discarded
  • Customized operational support
  • User friendly tools like shipping kits and IRB-approved consent forms

If you are interested to explore the opportunities with Novaseek for your hospital, physician group, accountable care organization (ACO), healthcare information exchange (HIE), or clinical laboratory, please contact us for more information.