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Clinical Labs and the Rise of Precision Medicine

Real-world data enables to test hypotheses is advance of clinical trials.

Novaseek Research Appoints Bennett Malbon as Chief Technology Officer

Company Co-Founder to Lead Technology Strategy and Expansion CAMBRIDGE, MA, June 15, 2017– Novaseek Research Inc., a health IT for life sciences company, today announced that it has named Bennett Malbon as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the company. This is an expansion of Bennett’s current role as Vice President, Technology. As CTO, Bennett will […]

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Consented Cohorts Powering Observational Studies

For researchers, well-characterized human samples are valuable commodities. And that’s exactly what Novaseek Research delivers to its customers Novaseek’s CEO Kate Torchilin told Clinical Informatics News last month at a meeting in Boston. “Having the biospecimen is very important here,” she said. “You can only deduce so much from data.”

Novaseek Research is Named Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Provider

CAMBRIDGE, MA, May 25, 2017– Novaseek Research Inc., a health IT for life sciences company, today announced that it was awarded the Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Provider 2017 award by Pharma Tech Outlook. The award recognizes 10 companies at the forefront of providing clinical data management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and impacting […]

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Novaseek Research Announces Partnership with CoxHealth to Advance Biomedical and Clinical Research

Partnership with Missouri Health System Further Expands Access to Biospecimens and Dynamic Real World Data for Research CAMBRIDGE, MA, April 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Novaseek Research Inc, a health IT for life sciences company, today announced it has partnered with CoxHealth, one of the nation’s top 100 integrated health systems, to support and expand […]

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The Importance of Nontraditional Players

We are in an exciting time with many innovative companies that are improving parts of the process all the way from development to clinical care, all aimed toward improving the lives of patients.

Novaseek Scouts CRO and Pharma Partners for its Clinical Data Platform

Novaseek is pursuing CROs and pharmas to employ its clinical data platform, Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR), said CEO Kate Torchilin in an interview with this news service at the Biotech Showcase conference in San Francisco.

C-Suite Outlook: Leading Through Extraordinary Change

PharmaVoice 2017: “All of us in life sciences and healthcare are privileged to be working in an industry that is constantly evolving and re-inventing itself to better serve patients and help them live healthier lives. Of course, the patient is always the central theme of everything that we do; however, as we move into 2017, […]

Startup Novaseek Aims to Streamline Collection of Patient Data, Samples

With its goal of streamlining the process of collecting patient data, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based start-up Novaseek is tackling one of the more challenging portions of the diagnostics and drug-development processes.

Novaseek Research Announces Important Feature Enhancements to CDNR Platform for Biologically-Enhanced Real World Data

— Biospecimens enriched with deep data insights for population analytics, prospective patient tracking and more — CAMBRIDGE, MA, Jan. 9, 2017– Novaseek Research LLC today announced that its Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR) platform was recently enhanced to include the capability to dynamically collect biospecimens and clinical data from patients during the course of […]

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