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CDNR Platform

Organizations with on-going needs for biospecimens and clinical data may subscribe to CDNR platform to plan studies, identify patient cohorts for biospecimen collections and real-world data studies, and to manage biospecimen and associated clinical data requests:

  • Platform contains massive historical clinical data that supports population analytics and study planning
  • Researchers, CROs, biobank managers and others use CDNR to analyze data for patient cohorts based on very detailed clinical criteria, including demographics, primary diagnosis and co-morbidities, lab test results and medication history
  • CDNR estimates patients and biospecimen numbers, and accrual timelines. Users can modify criteria and observe how these changes impact anticipated availability
  • CDNR enables prospective and longitudinal collection of clinical data and biospecimens from patient cohorts so that researchers can observe changes during disease and treatment progression, better understand outcomes, etc.
  • CDNR synthesizes all donor and biospecimen data for easy reference by end-user researchers; patient data is either anonymized or coded
  • CDNR has received biopharma industry awards and customer accolades for ease of use and intuitive end-user experience

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