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Novaseek is transforming how scientists and clinical researchers access real world clinical data and human biospecimens to power life sciences R&D in the era of precision medicine and population health management.

Novaseek’s award-winning novel cloud platform, the Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR), easily interfaces with hospital data sources, and enables researchers to define patient cohorts through population analytics and to obtain biospecimens with longitudinal consented data to advance translational medicine, clinical development and post-launch observational studies.

Our Vision is a world where a clear understanding of real-world patients is central to every stage of life sciences research and drug development.

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Novaseek Research advances the development of new treatments via its turnkey solutions for observational and real-world data studies, including accessing fully consented biospecimens with associated clinical longitudinal data for research. Its novel Clinical Data Network For Research (CDNR) platform meets the needs of organizations involved in procurement of biospecimens, accrual of patients and use of clinical data to support biomedical research. Our customers include:

  • Bio-Pharma companies involved in drug, device or diagnostic development
  • CROs involved in selecting and recruiting research subject cohorts
  • Researchers conducting observation and real world data studies
  • Entities involved in developing biobanks and patient registries
  • Government and academic research organizations that use biospecimens and clinical data
Novaseek addresses such common challenges as:

  • Insufficient numbers of biospecimens and lack of detailed clinical annotation
  • Difficulty with longitudinal collection of biospecimens and clinical data
  • Lack of access to or transparency of real-world clinical data
  • Inability to prospectively identify patients who meet specific clinical parameters (such as treatment history, diseases, etc.)
  • Inefficient patient consent processes
Novaseek solves these problems in a unique fashion with its CDNR platform that:

  • Uses the electronic medical record (EMR) and other clinical data sources to extract demographic and detailed longitudinal data, such as diagnoses, medications and lab test results
  • Matches EMR data against both research specifications and available laboratory specimens
  • Helps define and track consented patient cohorts and supports the collection of biospecimens at various time points
  • Synthesizes all the donor and biospecimen data for easy reference by end-user researchers
Novaseek works with customers in several ways:

  • As a provider of biospecimens and associated data collected from Novaseek’s own network of hospitals
  • By subscription to the CDNR platform – for companies and research organizations with ongoing needs for biospecimens and/or data. Subscribers use CDNR to plan and recruit cohorts, manage biospecimen requests and track clinical data
  • By licensing CNDR to organizations that want to facilitate biospecimen and associated clinical data acquisitions, and to streamline patient consenting and recruitment for research projects and clinical trials within their own clinical sites
The CDNR platform offers a turn-key, intuitive user experience and ensures clinical relevance and significance of every experiment and every study. Never be limited by not having clinical patient data or the right biospecimens for your projects!
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For Healthcare Organizations

Novaseek Research enables healthcare organizations and consenting patients to share clinical data and biospecimens for research to generate new revenue, and advance medical research and precision medicine.  Novaseek and healthcare organizations within its network use approved protocols and patient consents to ensure the ethical conduct of research and respect for all participants.

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About Novaseek

Novaseek is transforming how researchers access clinical data and human biospecimens. CDNR was developed by experts in drug development, hospital operations, and health IT to create a win-win for industry, academia, healthcare partners and patients.


Kate Torchilin
Kate Torchilin, PhD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Bennett Malbon
Bennett Malbon, MBA
VP of Technology
Steve DiPalma
Steve DiPalma
Chief Financial Officer
Derek Tillemans
Derek Tillemans
VP of Business Development, Healthcare Organizations

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Novaseek Research was founded by a management team with 100+ combined years of experience in life sciences, Health IT and hospital markets. We understand life sciences R&D. We understand clinical data. We understand hospitals and clinical laboratory operations.

Contact us to learn how the Novaseek CDNR platform can become an integral part of your discovery, clinical research, post-launch studies and precision medicine initiatives.


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Press Releases & Articles

Novaseek Research Announces Important Feature Enhancements to CDNR Platform for Biologically-Enhanced Real World Data

— Biospecimens enriched with deep data insights for population analytics, prospective patient tracking and more — CAMBRIDGE, MA, Jan. 9, 2017– Novaseek Research LLC today announced that its Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR) platform was recently enhanced to include the capability to dynamically collect biospecimens and clinical data from patients during the course of […]

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Biologically Enhanced Real-World Data: A Winning Formula for Drug Development

Technological advances in an ever-changing healthcare environment, including the digitization of patient health records, have had a significant impact on the development of new therapies. Since first being used to support a drug’s value, real-world data (RWD) is now being pulled into the R&D process at earlier stages to impact the development of new medicines […]

Novaseek Research to Present at Digital Medicine Showcase 2017

BOSTON, Dec. 13, 2016– Novaseek Research LLC, a health information technology for life sciences company, today announced that Kate Torchilin, PhD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, will present at the upcoming Digital Medicine Showcase 2017, which takes place concurrently with the JP Morgan 35th Annual Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. Dr. Torchilin’s presentation will take place […]

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The Realities of Prceision Medicine

PharmaVoice 2017: “Industry experts discuss the potential of precision medicine and the impact this will have on R&D and commercial operations.

17 Female Health IT Company CEOs to Know

These 17 women are transforming the healthcare industry with technologies designed to enhance efficiency, quality and access of care.

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Leveraging the Power of Data: The Role of Patient Consent and Efficiency

Last month, Foundation Medicine and Flatiron Health announced an initiative to assemble large genomic databases built around the electronic health records (EHRs), of 20,000 cancer patients. The purpose of this initiative would be to provide a real world data-based tool for oncology reseachers. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities that this type of database […]

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Aligning Drug Development to More Accurately Reflect the Real-World Patient

With the advance of precision medicine, ensuring that clinical studies more accurately reflect real-world patients needs to be at the heart of drug discovery and development. Historically, one of the reasons that so many studies fail is because patient cohorts are often not defined optimally for the treatment being investigated. Step one in changing this […]

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How Researchers at Biopharma Companies and Academia Can Gain Better Insights into Real-World Clinical Phenotype Data To Improve Clinical Development

Precision medicine is an exciting area of innovation for researchers in academia and industry. It holds the promise of better outcomes for patients, and it is changing the way patients experience disease and treatment. By definition, the patient population for a targeted medicine is smaller than that of the disease category as a whole. Medicines affect patients differently.1 […]

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Visit Novaseek at 2016 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference (May 16-18) at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

The 2016 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference is the ideal venue to showcase Novaseek’s novel Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR) platform for accessing the clinical data and biospecimens for research. Please visit us at Booth 403 and learn how Novaseek’s CDNR platform can inform your experiments and biospecimen requests with real world patient phenotype data, […]

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Patients as Partners – Why Biospecimen Consent Matters

We have received many emails about a recent Op-Ed in the New York Times – “Your Cells. Their Research. Your Permission?” By Rebecca Skloot (Dec. 30, 2015). In her piece, Ms. Sloot correctly points out that patient consent is a significant issue regarding the use of biospecimens in research: “Tissues from millions of Americans are […]

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